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BD Travel Book is an online hotel booking platform in Bangladesh. It provides the lowest price rates for hotels, resorts, inns and tour packages in anywhere in Bangladesh. It does not matter whether you are single or in a group large or small, BDTravelbook is always ready to provide you the best hotels at the lowest price all over Bangladesh, especially the tourist spots like Chittagong, Cox’s Bazaar, Rangamati, Bandar banSajek Valley & Shylet. We are at your service just a click ahead.

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BDTravelbook is guarantees you the best hotels at the cheapest price. No matter where you go for visit or entertainment BDTravelbook is always beside you. Our hands are wide open for you for 24/7 all the year around.

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Booking your hotels through BD Travel book reservation system secures your card and personal information. Be sure that it is your authentic information will not be leaked or it is not disclosed to anybody for any reason unless it required by the honorable court or their authority. We assure the highest standard of service to guarantee your privacy.

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Once you registered an account in BD Travel book you can choose and manage your bookings. You can not only view your booking status in details but also print your hotel and tour voucher. You are always welcome to submit a review about our hotel standard as well as our services.

Choice is Yours:

We offer both hotels and tour packages all over Bangladesh. At famous destinations like Chittagong, Cox’s Bazaar, Rangamati, Bandarabn, Sajek Valley, Shylet, Kuakata, Saint’s Martin and the capital city Dhaka. You will enjoy the option of choosing the hotels at different location of different standards at different prices.

Cox’s Bazar: Cox’s Bazar is the most popular tourist place in Bangladesh, no doubt about it. It is the longest sea-beach in the world. At some locations this beach has forests and hilly regions that make the beach spectacular and extraordinary. You can hear the roaring sound of the sea seating in the hotel room. Reach the beach by bus or by air, as you like it. Restaurants serve Asian, European, American and local cuisine to the visitors. Wherever you come from, you will feel very homely here. The neighborhood consists of people of different ethnic group. You can also enjoy their food and culture. We are here for 24/7 to provide you the services you need at your choice. So, give it a try!

Saint’s Martin Island: Saint’s Martin Island is another unique destination for tourists. It is located in the Bay of Bengal to the southeast point of Bangladesh. This 8 km-Square Island is the world class coral reef that gives you the feeling of real adventure of the land as well as the sea.  At restaurants, you can choose your own raw food items and it will be cooked right away in front of you according to your taste. That’s really amazing! Moonlit nights at St. Martin will take you to a different world of imagination; so come and enjoy.

Sajek Valley: Sajek Valley, the kingdom of clouds is one of the most exciting and popular tourist attractions in Bangladesh. It is located at the northeast part of Rangamati district. If you are a nature lover, Sajek is the real place for you. Here, the greenish beauty of the hills will stun your eyes and delight you with pleasure. Hazachara water fall is a charming beauty of nature. You can also enjoy the test of local food of the neighborhood as well as genuine Bangladeshi dishes. You will need a tourist guide since Sajek is a hilly place at the border area. You will be happy to know that, we will get you a highly experienced tourist guide for your better enjoyment.

Chittagong: Though Chittagong is a commercial city, it has many attractions to be visited. Foy’s lake is a very exciting and enjoyable spot, if you are in a family. You can go to the Patenga Sea Beach which is very close to the town. Bangladesh Marine Academy, Bangladesh Naval Academy & Bangladesh Military Academy are also located in Chittagong. To feel the peace of mind you can visit the majar( tomb) of Sufi Bayezid Bostami, a great religious idol. Other natural attractions like Kaptai, Bandarban, Khagrachari are also pretty close to this city. We do have a wide variety of hotels in this town. Here you can enjoy your time with no worries. 

Sylhet: Sylhet considered as a sacred place stands in the north eastern part of our country. The Mazar’s of Hazrat Shah Jalal(R.) and Hazrat Shah Poran(R.) are very famous places to be visited. People of all religion come here for visit. Tea gardens are the most symbolic & signature places of Sylhet. The scenic beauty of the tea gardens will charm you at a different level and you won’t feel to come back. Sreemangol, Zaflong, Ratargul, Bichanakandi are also very popular attractions. Besides, you can also find beautiful water falls that you won’t to want to miss. Moreover journey to Sylhet is very convenient. You can reach here by bus, train or air, whatever suits you.

Dhaka: Welcome to 400 years old Dhaka, the city of Mosques. Our hotels in Dhaka are located in all zones. You can be here for many purposes; for business, treatment, job interview or just for vacation. You will always find pleasure when you see the National Museum, The Zoo, The Botanic Garden, The Zinda Park, Amusement Parks, Dhaka University, The Baitul Mukarram Mosque, The Fort of Lalbag, The Ahsan Manjil, Savar National Martyrs’ memorial and Sonargaon historical site are also close to Dhaka City. Come and explore the capital city of Bangladesh.

All this above locations along with other towns and attractions BD Travelbook is always hassle-free and trusted to the travelers. So please be our guest and let us take care of your comfort with dignity and honor.

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BD Travelbook has the best hotel deals of all types and ranges all over Bangladesh.  Please depend on our service wherever you go. We will provide you a home away from home. If you are a frequent traveler, we can let you know about some of our preferable locations.