8 Tips to Help Overcome Travel Anxiety

Travel Anxiety

Vacations are usually viewed as restful times when a person can go away from his worries, so most people in the world dream of travel but travel anxiety is also quite common, some people experience travel anxiety that can overpower leisure with stress. Travel anxiety is usually manageable with considering some following techniques:

1. Don’t avoid buying the ticket: If you want to travel or you have to travel, don't avoid buying the ticket if you don't have to and don't push back the date of the vacation. If you actually wish to beat your travel anxiety, you wish to require action and not let yourself comprise into the avoidance trap.

2. Make sure your friends and family have your tour & the contact info for the people you’re traveling with: It is most important and always gives you peace of mind knowing that your family has all the details of your travel. Before any trip, you make sure to send your flight information, itinerary, hotel info and the contact info for anyone that will be with me on my trip.

3. Pack extra necessities in your carry-on bag or opt to not check any luggage: Always make sure to pack enough clothing and necessities for two full days in your carry-on bag for future backup if you’ll lose your luggage. If possible, try to avoid checking a bag at all.
4. Make a very detailed packing list & don’t wait until the last time to pack: There’s nothing worse than about to a destination and realizing you forgot one thing vital or having to scramble and get a replacement. To avoid this I prefer to require the time and write out a meticulous packing list of virtually everything as well as the article of clothing, toiletries, medication, camera instrumentation, chargers, snacks, etc.

5. Take any prescriptions and emergency medication just in case: Always make sure to bring a prescription medicine or first-aid for short-term relief just in case of an emergency. So you can avoid extra hassle for buying this from a foreign shop.

6. Always bring along an external battery & extra chargers: Make sure pack at least one external battery to charge my phone. Pack an extra camera battery, USB cord, and international adapter so you can charge more than one item at a time.

7.Screenshot or print out all important documents in case you don’t have Internet access: Always take a screenshot of your itinerary, all boarding passes and any confirmations for hotels, tours, and car pickups and save them to your iPhone camera roll before any trip. This way you don’t need to worry about having the Internet to access.

8. Keep important items at home and remember that everything can be replaced: Must leave your most precious things like jewelry or anything at home that you think irreplaceable. On the other side, which things you are leading with your trip like camera, mobile lenses etc. remember everything can be replaceable.