Best Time to Visit in Bangladesh

Best time to Visit Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country in South Asia. Now tourism is developed in Bangladesh. For this, there is no tourism-related deceit here. In this country, people always welcome foreigners or tourists and try to help them in any way possible. Bangladesh is blessed with six seasons: Summer, Monsoon, autumn, Late Autumn, winter and spring. Among all of the winter season from October to March is the best time to visit in Bangladesh. Because at that time the weather is cool, the sky is clear and no rain. You can also save yourself from the worry of being hit by any natural disaster like cyclone, flood etc. and might have heat and pleasant vacation. There are some tourist’s places in Bangladesh which are best for visiting in the rainy season like Rangamati, Banderban, and Sylhet. They have the best view during the rainy season. So you can also travel in Bangladesh in the summer season with preparing sudden rain. You have to also keep in mind that natural disaster and political condition of this country have made this country poor, before selecting this country as a tourist destination.