Why You Should Visit Bangladesh

Visit Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a mind-blowing country with several uncommon, attention-grabbing, and exquisite things to envision. With the world’s longest Sea beach and largest mangrove marshland, Bangladesh has lots of boast about – its natural environment is far more several and climatic than most people visualize. People should come to visit Bangladesh because there is no place in the world like Bangladesh. Bangladesh is absolutely ridiculous, surprising and amusing. It is a country with a very rich culture. It has specific dances, beautiful language, art, and culture. Add a charming architectural heritage to the mix, and you have plenty of reasons to pack your bags for a trip to this beautiful country. You may even spot a Bengal tiger! A trip to this country will open your eyes to a whole other world. Following are the best reason to visit Bangladesh:

i. It's home to the world’s largest mangrove forest-Sundarban. Tiger tracking in the amazing Sundarbans Forest.
ii. Bangladeshi food is great for fish-lovers.
iii. It has the world’s longest beach-Cox’s Bazar.
iv. Ability to have an authentic cultural experience in a mud village that is untouched by tourism.
v. The unparalleled friendliness and hospitality of the Bangladeshi people.
vi. Bangladesh is a land of rivers and festivals.
vii. Rickshaw rides in the monsoon. Rain is the most beautiful… when it rains in the monsoon.
viii. Seven color tea served at a working tea plantation.
ix. Many kinds of the lifestyle of the people can be seen in Bangladesh — urban, rural and Tribal.
x. It has some attractive monuments.