Search the hotels near Barisal, Bangladesh for your upcoming tour or travels. World famous Kuakata sea beach, Durgasagor Lake, Oxford Mission Church, Kittonkhola River, Subabad Fort, Shankor Temple, Jora Mosque, Sujabad Fort, Sangram Fort, Narikel Fort, Sher-e-Bangla Museum, The Bangabandhu Uddan (former Bell’s Park), Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Bridge etc. are the most attractive tourist places in the region.

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BDT 3220.92 ($0.00)
Hotel Graver Inn International has the maximum facilities you expect from a luxury at the beach of Kuakata. Here, you will have ample opportunity to see Kuakata in its authenticity, the simplicity of local culture and food, magnificent views of nearby sea beach, and unforgettable vacation.
Area: Barisal Sadar, Barisal MAP


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Capacity: 2

Available Room: 6

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Capacity: 2

Available Room: 10

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Capacity: 2

Available Room: 3