Destination: Our Beautiful Bangladesh!


The way of life of Bangladesh alludes to the lifestyle of the general population of Bangladesh. The land, the streams, and the lives of the Bengali individuals shaped a rich legacy with stamped contrasts from neighboring districts. It has advanced throughout the hundreds of years and envelops the social decent variety of a few social gatherings of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is honored with profound, rich and fruitful soil, a blessing from the three noteworthy streams that frame the deltaic plain whereupon it sits. The Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers all wend their way down from the Himalayas, conveying supplements to renew Bangladesh's fields.
The general population of Bangladesh are broadly well disposed and inviting and the nation is loaded with social ponders, for example, the tea secured good countries of Srimangal to the dazzling brilliant sands of Cox's Bazar, which is really the third longest shoreline on the planet. Different features incorporate clamoring urban areas like Dhaka and territories of provincial heaven like the Sundarbans National Park.