St. Martin - The only Coral Island of Bangladesh


St. Martin's Island is a little island in the North-east piece of the Bay of Bengal, around 9 km toward the south of Cox's Bazar, Teknaf promontory. The nearby name of the coral island is 'Narikel Jinjira' (Coconut Island) and named after a British commonplace gover­nor. St. Martin's Island is the most prevalent traveler spot for the ocean sweetheart.
Country's only coral island, and one of its highlights. Between 1890 and 1900, about 60 people settled on the island, which has now grown to a population of around 7000. The majority of the island's inhabitants are Islamic, and live primarily off fishing.
This island has an area of about 8 sq km, which reduces to about 5 sq km during high tide. St. Martin’s Island is the right place to calm down your soul. This coral island is about 10km (6mi) south-west of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliché, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. This island has the most amazing blue water. Far from the maddening crowd, the serenity in this island will help your meditate and purify your soul. This air is so fresh and soothing. And the water is clearer than crystal. During any moonlight in St. Island you may end up deciding to stay in this island forever. And sea-foods here are not only delicious, but also abundant in variation.
There is an another island nearer to the St. Martin's island named by Chhera Dwip. The most of the local people are Fisherman. So, visiting the St. Martin's island is an excursion and as well as healthy too.